Project Management

Albatross provides support for all aspects of IT project management. Our talented and highly skilled team can define relevant standards and processes before a project begins. These standards can often be built into the software and will form a constant reference for users throughout the life of that project.

Our highly skilled project managers help design communication and reporting techniques to optimize project control. Working in close partnership with clients, albatross helps ensure success of your IT projects.

Scheduling and Planning
Our professionals are experienced in the development and management of project code structures across a wide variety of business environments
Cost Management and Performance Management
With a working knowledge of cost control and performance measurement theory, practice, and systems, our consultants are well placed to help you optimize the monitoring and control of your project execution.
Systems Integration
We understand that selecting and purchasing software is not, in itself, sufficient to generate an effective project organization. One significant factor is the integration of project data with established business systems and practices. Albatross can provide expertise in systems integration and a wide variety of databases, languages, and development environments, including Visual Basic, C++, Java, SQL, Oracle, Windows, LINUX, SOLARIS etc.
Recognizing the importance of a successful implementation, albatross consultants work closely with clients to understand the wider IT and business implications of a new system. Only once all the requirements of the system have been established will albatross consultants install and configure the software, helping you achieve optimum results for your organization

Bespoke software development company's can immensely benefit from our consulting services which are tailored to the companies current practices.  We device tailored procedures to ensure your quality process succeed.

Case Studies
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