Application Development

Our experts help develop and deploy applications that you need to ensure that your business processes are smooth, integrated, efficient and easy to use.

System Development
We specialize in onsite or outsourced development of eBusiness, eCommerce and corporate management systems and tools using web and back-end server technologies

Component Development
Our component based development methodology will encourage reuse and allow managed system evolution

Project Management
We can advice, plan, organize, manage, set milestone and establish controls that enable you to achieve business objectives with flexible but efficient methodologies for software and technology selection

eSystem Testing
We can devise test plans, user acceptance tests and mapping the user requirements via a traceability matrix. Our wide exposure to various test tools and our ability to identify and use the right tool for your requirement will ensure that your systems are good before it gets into production

Throughout all phases of software development lifecycle we can help your staff get up to speed with new technologies and methodologies. This ensures that your project will remain successful after our involvement is ramped down and will ensure that your development and operational teams avoid common pitfalls.

Whether you require to develop a small tool for your business, or your organization needs an enterprise architecture for your business requirements, Albatross professionals can help you from conceptualization to deployment of the solution

Case Studies
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