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A Business Technology Innovation and IT Consulting, IT Services & Energy Services Outsourcing company based in Chennai, India - helping clients in Japan, USA, India, Australia and Singapore

"Wonderful, bright, enthusiastic bunch of people, always ready to jump in to lend a helping hand, and fun to work with. We have immensely benefitted with our relationship with Albatross. Their simplicity and tenacity has helped in transforming our business to a higher level with the use of easy to use, intuitive, but powerful technological aids" - Hiramashi Ikeda, Japan, February 2006

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A relatively new player in the IT Consulting world, we are a team working on IT projects and Business Technology Innovation and Business Process Consulting projects for small and medium business around the world. Now, three years into Albatross' experience, we are happy to be able to solve many of our customers problem - big and small, and achieve above all, a level of service, creativity and results that have produced an unmatched customer satisfaction experience - improved on and adding a lot that is new.

We now specialize in industrial, commercial and institutional energy analysis and reporting. We deliver comprehensive energy audit, measurement & verification (M&V) and enterprise energy management solutions to top industrial and commercial facilities located all over the world

What's behind the name "Albatross"?
We see an inspiration from the great skill, commitment, care and their unmatched quality of being with its partner for life and reproduce them in all our actions.

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