It is said that you are known by the company you keep. albatross is proud to keep company with professional organizations that are the leaders in their industries. From America to Australia to Europe to Asia customers are successfully managing and implementing their IT projects with the help of albatross'' professionals.

Our goal is to build long-term relationship, like the bird, albatross. Together, we continue shaping the future of our software solutions to ensure it is one of mutual success.

What Customer's Say About Us
"Albatross not only provides software solutions but had helped us in streamlining our processes which contributed to the success of our IT applications" - Eric Duncan.

"Albatross' solution brought about a much more efficient and effective way of working" - Michael Watson

Our Customers*
Tech Global Corporation, Japan
Semitech Innovations Global, Singapore
Matriarch Global Academy, India
Rajagopal & Raghunathan Advocates, India
Marketics (India) Pvt. Ltd, India
Business Coordination, Japan
Bradea Technologies, Japan
*Brief list of customers

Bespoke software development company's can immensely benefit from our consulting services which are tailored to the companies current practices.  We device tailored procedures to ensure your quality process succeed.


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