Albatross help organizations achieve their goals with Information Technology as an "accelerator". Albatross, with its vast experience in the industry has created successful software development principles and processes that transform organizations' goals into reality by providing them best-of-breed software solution.

We believe that knowing the technologies that are relevant is the key to make good use of technology.

At Albatross
We are committed to our business and our customers
We treat our associates as partners
We set high goals and encourage competition
We communicate everything with our partners
We appreciate what our associates contribute to our business
We have fun, and celebrate our success, and try to find some humor on our failures
We listen to everyone
We try and exceed our customer's expectations
We swim upstream

Our Beliefs
strongly believe in
"Our people make the difference". We are a group of dedicated, hardworking but ordinary people who have teamed together to accomplish extraordinary things in software development. We respect our fellow associates.
We are nothing without our customers
New ideas and goals make us reach further than ever before. We try to find new and innovative ways to push our boundaries and constantly improve.

Our Values
We regard our values very high, and strive to preserve it. We strongly believe and are committed to our values. Our code of conduct reflects our values and our commitment to it.

Our Customers
We believe in creating loyal customers by providing a superior experience at a great value. We are committed to direct relationships, providing the best products and services based on standards-based technology, and outperforming the competition with value and a superior customer experience.

We have a passion for winning in everything we do. We are committed to operational excellence, superior customer experience, leading in the global markets we serve, being known as a great company and great place to work, and providing superior shareholder value over time.

Shutdown Rule
"Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today". It is an important part of our albatross culture. The observation of the shutdown rule means we strive to answer requests by shutdown of the day we receive them. This respects our basic beliefs, "Respect for the individual, customer service and striving for excellence".

Bespoke software development company's can immensely benefit from our consulting services which are tailored to the companies current practices.  We device tailored procedures to ensure your quality process succeed.

Case Studies
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