Albatross - The Bird

Albatross are truly remarkable birds.  They are members of tube nose family.  The tubes on their beaks are relatively smaller.  They have enormous wingspan, which can stretch to 12 feet.  They circle the globe in search of food. 

No bird exploits the ocean winds with greater skills than the Albatross.  Reading the wind's force with peerless sensitivity they are able to adjust their immense wings to exploit every tiny updraft deflected from the waves beneath and so they can glide for long periods without expending any energy at all on flapping.

They travel huge distances to bring food for its chick.  The chick nearly takes ten months to grow strong enough for an ocean going life.  When they go out of the nest they weigh nearly 12kgs.  Although the albatross, when young may roam the oceans for several years without touching land, eventually the need to breed brings it down to earth.

Albatross's powerful bills are quiet strong enough to injure anything or anyone that dares to interfere with the birds, but as the pair sit together on their nest site they are used to deliver the tender of caresses.   They choose their partner with great care, by performing synchronized dancing for several hours.  The sequence of movements is long and complicated.  Both partners need to perform the ritual flawlessly to succeed.

Albatross stay together for the rest of their lives and that is an unusual characteristic for a bird.   They mate for life and can live to be 80-85 years probably making them the animal that travels farther than any other in their lifetime. 

In folklore the bird carries the soul of dead mariners.  If a sailor kills a bird, bad luck would fall upon him for the rest of his natural life.

These remarkable bird's qualities:

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